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Angel Advisors

Angel Advisors

Startup companies

Startup companies

Our Angel Advisors are made up of Kyoto manufacturing company managers and angel investors from Kyoto City, who provide management advice, mentoring and financial support, mainly to initial phase and early-stage deep technology startups in Kyoto Prefecture. We are a community that supports early-stage growth in a consistent and inclusive manner.
Our main activities are:

  1. Regular exchange meetings between selected startups and Angel Advisors (about 3 times a year)
  2. Management advice, mentoring and financial support to startups by Angel Advisors
  3. Exchanges and cooperation with the Kyoto Startup Ecosystem Organization
  4. Other activities necessary to achieve our objectives

List of Angel Advisors

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Event report

The 8th Exchange Meeting

Date and time

Wednesday, 2 August  2023, 15:00-18:00


1. Pitches from startup companies, Q&A session

Ishida Products LLC Yukihiro Ishida  Senior Partner
XNOVA Inc. Takashi Hattori CEO
Sunlit Seedlings Ltd. Sota Ishikawa CEO
Takumi Vision Co., Ltd. Kazuki Katagiri CEO , Tsuyoshi Katakami Manager, Development Department
Biome Inc. Shogoro Fujiki CEO

MatchHat Soraya Umewaka CEO

2. Information Exchange Meeting


Kyoto Tokyu Hotel


Kyoto Prefecture, KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21

Supported by

Kyoto Chiesangyo Sozonomori

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