Business Consultation Desk for Foreign Entrepreneurs

KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21(Ki21) offers free consultations to foreign entrepreneurs to support their businesses and resolve other issues.

Specifically, we provide advice and support the fund procurement process and dealing with specific Japanese business practices, etc.

We can also provide support in finding collaborators and developing markets by fully utilizing our networks.


Consultation fee

Free of charge

Available languages

English, Chinese, Japanese

Sample questions

(a) I am having difficulties in finding out how to obtain information on subsidies.

(b) I have difficulties in finding information about the community for foreign business managers in Kyoto.

(c) As I am staying in Japan on a business management visa, I am not eligible for a loan from a financial institution.

(d) I have difficulty in developing prototypes.

(e) I am looking for a Machiya, a traditional wooden townhouse, as an office.

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