Overview of Organization

KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21 was founded in April 2001 as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation. It is a public industrial support organization that aims to contribute to the development of business activities by Kyoto companies and to the vitalization of Kyoto industry by creating a one-stop system that operates from the customer’s perspective, and which utilizes cooperation between industry, government, and universities to promote business innovation, development of new businesses, growth of new industries, establishment of new companies, increased use of corporate IT, and other improvements at small and medium enterprises.

* Beginning from April 2005, KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21 that provides business support and the Kyoto Prefectural Technology Center for Small and Medium Enterprises that provides technical support began integrated operations under a new support system at the Kyoto Industry Support Center in order to meet a diverse range of needs from businesses.

* KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21 (legally incorporated foundation) became licensed as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation by the Kyoto government and was relaunched on June 1, 2011.

Basic information


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21


134 Chudoji Minami-machi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813
TEL: +81 75-315-9234
FAX: +81 75-315-9240


April 1, 2001
* Created by the merger of the Kyoto Corporation for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises, Kyoto Industrial Information Center, and the Kyoto Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Technologies.
June 1, 2011
* Changed to a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.


210,000,000 yen


Teruhisa Ueda, Chairman (President & CEO of SHIMADZU CORPORATION)




This organization aims to further vitalize Kyoto industry through cooperation between industry, universities, and government to provide technical support in a wide range of areas including the establishment of new companies, technology and management innovations at small and medium enterprises, and creating new businesses, and to provide comprehensive support for a diverse range of business activities including technical development, personnel development, market development, and funds procurement.

Business areas

(1) Business related to support for IT activities
(2) Business related to support for technical development
(3) Mediation for order transactions, and other business related to market development and optimization
(4) Consultations related to management and technologies, and business related to investigations and the collection and provision of information
(5) Business related to support for personnel development
(6) Business related to loaning of equipment
(7) Other business necessary for achieving the purpose of the organization

Support categories

Development of sales channels

Mediation for order transactions, Kyoto business communication fairs, development of overseas sales channels, etc.

Corporate collaborations, collaborations between industry, universities, and government

Member communication meetings, coordination between companies and universities or research organizations, promotion of prototype industries, etc.

Personnel development

Business successor training college, innovation and management personnel training programs, etc.

Subsidies and grants

Subsidy support programs for companies receiving grants from the Kyoto government
Kyoto Healthy Regional Development Support Fund, Kyoto Agriculture-Commerce-Industry Collaboration Fund, etc.

Support for equipment introduction

System for loaning (installment sales, leasing) of equipment needed for business creation

New enterprises and business succession

Entrepreneur seminars, Kyoto Keihanna Incubation Center, etc.

Consultations and dispatching of experts

Kyoto Yorozu Support Center, special expert consultations, Contracting Refuge Temple, etc.

Business innovations and new business development

Consultations and inquiries for business innovation plans, Kyoto Genki-jirushi certification system for small and medium enterprises